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DevNet Learning Labs

The DevNet Learning Labs will help you dive deeper into Cisco and Cisco Partner technologies, including Enterprise Networks, Data Center, Collaboration, Cloud, SDN, and IoT. If you're just getting started or need a programming refresher, the Learning Labs will help you get started with tutorials covering REST APIs, Python, JavaScript, and other programming technologies and concepts.

Springboards are now Tracks.

DevNet Tracks and Modules now make it easier for you to learn. Tracks and Modules are designed to guide you through learning labs that are conceptually related.

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Get started using REST APIs, learn basic Python skills and get help using common developer tools.

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Learn how to use Spark, Jabber Guest, Jabber for Web SDK, CUMI, WebEx and User Data Services. Learn how to embed voice and video into your applications.

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Learn how to use Cisco IOx and deploy your applications to the edge.

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