APIC-EM Applications and Use Cases

In this lab you will learn about APIC-EM Applications and their use cases.


Completion Time: 30 minutes

  • APIC-EM's Applications
  • Describe their use cases


  • If you are new to APIC-EM we recommend that you first complete the lab "Controller Basics and APIC-EM" lab.

Step 1 The APIC-EM Applications:

Below are the applications that we are going to discuss in this lab.

Plug-and-Play (PnP)

The APIC-EM Controller’s PnP (Plug and Play) application delivers on ZTD (Zero Touch Deployment) for Cisco Enterprise Network routers, switches and wireless controllers.

Easy QoS

The APIC-EM Controller’s Easy Quality of Service application provides a simple way to classify and assign application priority.

Intelligent WAN (IWAN) Application

The APIC-EM Controller's Intelligent WAN (IWAN) application automates the configuration of advanced IWAN features on Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Service Routers.

Path Trace

The APIC-EM Controller’s Path Visualization application greatly eases and accelerates the task of connection troubleshooting.