Server Infrastructure Required

This lab can be completed if you have access to the server infrastructure in a private lab or if you are at an event such as Cisco Live!

Module: ACI Tools - Overview


After Completing this module you will be able to:

  • Get an overview of the various tools used to control your network via ACI.
  • Understand the differences between these tools, and their intended uses.

Tools For ACI

Unlike a traditional CLI, the APIC API is a well suited interface for building addtional functionality to further simplify our interactions with ACI. We have already seen several example of this in the API Inspector, Graphic User interface (GUI) and Cobra SDK. However, there are several other tools at our disposal to help us quickly develop scripts and programs for ACI. Learning these tools can make our ACI programming experience much easier. With the API Inspector we were able to execute configuration commands in the GUI and see the corresponding RESTful API call. When in doubt about how to accomplish a certain task via the API, this inspection tool can be a resource to discover how to structure the call.

There are several additional and equally useful resources at our disposal, including:

  • Arya
  • Visore
  • ACI Toolkit

The API Inspector, Arya and Visore are development tools designed to help you quickly build new code and scripts for use with ACI. While the ACI Toolkit is a collection of projects and libraries developed by Cisco which you can leverage as example projects or to further extend the feature-set of ACI.


We'll cover Arya and the ACI Toolkit as part of the ACI 100 series foundational learning labs. Visore, will be covered in the ACI 200 intermediate learning labs.