Server Infrastructure Required

This lab can be completed if you have access to the server infrastructure in a private lab or if you are at an event such as Cisco Live!

Spark: DevNet Bot

Interact with DevNet's Bot, Devvie!


Completion Time: 5 minutes

  • Use the Spark client to create a new persistent collaboration room
  • Add Devvie to your room
  • Interact with Devvie


Devvie is DevNet's Spark Bot. Devvie is able to Interact with DevNet's connected train.

Step 1. Sign up for Cisco Spark

  1. If you do not have a spark account, from the Spark home page at enter your email address, and follow the instructions for creating a Spark account. Note: you will need to access your email account, as Spark will send a 'You have a Cisco Spark account' email message with a 'Create Password' verification link - this must be completed in order to login to Spark.

  2. Log in to Spark. Spark Client is install on your local system or use the spark web

  3. Create a new room

  1. Add to room

5.Start chatting with devvie