Cisco Jabber Web SDK - A Full-Featured Cisco Voice and Video Endpoint Embedded in a Web Application


Explore the Jabber Web SDK capabilities by signing into a live sample web application, making a voice+video call, and interacting with a Cisco desk phone.


The Cisco 'Jabber' brand covers a number of software solutions designed to deliver - and enable developers to create - rich Cisco collaboration experiences on any user device, embedded into any application:

  • Standalone desktop and mobile endpoints: Jabber for Windows/Mac/iOS/Android
  • Instant Messaging & Presence: Jabber XMPP
  • Customer-to-business voice/video integration: Jabber Guest

The Cisco Jabber Web SDK is a powerful and highly flexible part of that solution, allowing developers to fully integrate Cisco's best-in-class voice and video experience directly into web applications.

Jabber Voice/Video

In this lab we will kick the tires on a live sample web application which incorporates the Jabber Web SDK.

Step 1: Explore the Jabber Web SDK Dev Center

DevNet website URL (link)

1) From the DevNet home page at use the browser to navigate to the Dev Center for the Collaboration technology 'Jabber SDK for Web'

Jabber Web SDK website URL (link)

2) Explore the Jabber Web SDK Dev Center and check out the available documentation, tools and developer community