Remote Expert Mobile - Embed Voice, Video, Screen-Sharing, Co-Browsing and More into Web & Mobile Apps


Use the Remote Expert Mobile Web SDK to embed consumer-to-business video calling directly into an existing live web site


Cisco Remote Expert Mobile enables real-time customer engagement within mobile (Android/iOS) and web (JavaScript) applications. Cisco Remote Expert Mobile includes Software Development Kits (SDKs) to provide voice over IP, video over IP and expert assist (app share & web co-browse, remote control, annotation, form-fill and document push) features within pre-existing mobile and web applications. These applications can connect via Remote Expert Mobile NAT and firewall traversal features to connect customers with your enterprise experts.

Screen Shot

In this exercise, we will modify an example company website to add a live Remote Expert Mobile click-to-video experience.

Step 1: Load the OneBank site for live-editing

Embedding Remote Expert Mobile functionality into a web page requires only adding the RE Mobile JavaScript library reference, and then tying an 'onclick' event for a button to the AssistSDK.startSupport() JavaScript function.

Let's use Chrome's 'live-editing' features to modify the 'OneBank' web site:

  1. Click on the OneBank page link here: OneBank page to open the site in a new browser tab

  2. Right-click the blue 'Ask Sandy' button and select 'Inspect Element', this will open the Chrome developer tools to the 'Elements' tab

  3. Right-click on the highlighted <input> HTML code block and select 'Edit as HTML', this will open the code edit window