User Data Service (UDS) - User 'Self-Service' Applications Solutions for Cisco Communications Manager


Use the Cisco Unified Communications Manager User Data Service API to dynamically add a Speed-Dial button to the Cisco IP Phone on your desk


The REST-ful User Data Service (UDS) API allows developers to easily create user-accessed, self-service applications for customizing and managing an individual's Unified Communications Manager experience: User Directory Search, Phone Services, Do-not-Disturb, Speed Dials, Remote Destinations, and more.

In this exercise you will use the UDS REST methods GET, POST and DELETE to discover your user's Speed Dials resource, then add, test, and remove a Speed Dial. A REST client tool can be helpful when working with UDS - in this exercise we will use the 'Postman' REST client plugin pre-installed in the Chrome browser ( for more info on Postman).

Step 1: Explore the User Data Service Dev Center

  1. From the DevNet home page at use the browser to navigate to the Dev Center for the Collaboration management technology 'User Data Service'

    DevNet website URL (link)
  2. Explore the UDS Dev Center and check out the available documentation, tools and developer community

    UDS website URL (link)