Cisco WebEx Meetings - Automate and integrate WebEx online meetings using the WebEx XML API


Use the Cisco WebEx Meetings XML API to create an online meeting, list a user's meetings, and invite an attendee via email


Cisco WebEx is a global cloud collaboration service, delivering HD audio/video conferencing, screen/document sharing, recording and more in a secure and scalable solution. While WebEx provides a spectrum of capabilities across multiple APIs - covering user/admin tasks, recordings management, site/capabilities configuration, etc. - to enable developers to integrate and augment their applications with WebEx. In this exercise we will use the WebEx XML Meeting Service to perform some simple but powerful tasks focused on the end-user experience.

The WebEx XML Services are accessed by sending XML over HTTP requests, and are therefore easy to leverage from almost any development platform: web, PC, mobile, etc. While the APIs are not RESTful (historically predating REST), a REST client tool can be helpful when testing and working with WebEx XML Services - in this exercise we will use the 'Postman' REST client plugin pre-installed in the Chrome browser ( for more info on Postman).

Step 1: Explore the WebEx Dev Center

DevNet website URL (link)

1) From the DevNet home page at use the browser to navigate to the Dev Center for the Collaboration technology 'WebEx Conferencing'

WebEx website URL (link)

2) Explore the WebEx Dev Center and check out the available documentation, tools and developer community

3) Developer Sandbox - This exercise uses the shared WebEx developer Sandbox. Information on getting a free WebEx shared Sandbox account, as well as other developer offerings, can be viewed here: Try WebEx APIs