15 min

Add users to your Spark Room with Zapier and Google Sheets

Zapier is an app integration service or broker that lets you tie two (or more) cloud services together via their APIs.

15 min

Basic Outbound Dialer with Tropo

Use Tropo to dial a list of numbers from a CSV file

15 min

Beginning SMS

Several SMS auto-responders

5 min

Collaboration: Jabber Guest - Web

Learn how to embed Cisco Jabber Guest voice and video capabilities into a sample Web application

15 min

Collaboration: Jabber Web SDK

Explore the Jabber Web SDK and make a live voice and video call from a browser

15 min

Collaboration: Remote Expert Mobile

Learn how to embed Remote Expert Mobile voice, video, screen-sharing, co-browsing and more into a sample Web application

15 min

Collaboration: UDS

Learn three of Cisco's core Collaboration technologies; User Data Services, Cisco Unity Messaging Interface (CUMI), and the NEW Jabber Guest.

15 min

Collaboration: Webex Meetings API

Learn to use the Cisco Webex Meeting API to list a user's meetings, schedule a new meeting, and invite attendees via email

15 min

Conferencing Outbound Calls

Using Conferencing to connect two (or more) outbound calls together

30 min

Create a 'No-Code' Spark App with Zapier

Create a simple app to retrieve Twitter messsages into Spark using the Zapier cloud API platform