30 min

Introduction to Standard Device Interfaces

Understanding how NETCONF/YANG fit into Network Management technologies.

30 min

Introduction to YANG Data Modeling

Understand what a Data Model is and what YANG provides for Network Management.

40 min

Introduction to the NETCONF Protocol

Explore the key elements of the NETCONF Protocol and how to use it.

20 min

Introduction to the RESTCONF Protocol

Explore the key elements of the RESTCONF Protocol and how to use it.

30 min

Mission: Post Messages on Spark with Python

Getting familiar with Spark and validating the lab environment.

30 min

Mission: Programming with NETCONF and Python

Create a Python Script to retrieve Interface Stats with NETCONF/YANG and post to Spark

30 min

NETCONF 101: Introduction to NETCONF.

Learning the basics of the NETCONF protocol and how it differs from other programmatic interfaces such as RESTCONF

45 min

NETCONF 102: Using Python to generate NETCONF API calls.

Learn how to call and consume a NETCONF API in Python.

25 min

NETCONF 103: Porting Your Scripts to NETCONF

Learn the basics of how NETCONF simplifies and improves network scripting

30 min

Overview of Device Level NETCONF

Learning the basics of NETCONF and how to use Python to interface with a NETCONF API.