15 min

Basic Outbound Dialer with Tropo

Use Tropo to dial a list of numbers from a CSV file

15 min

Beginning SMS

Several SMS auto-responders

15 min

Chat-Ops from Tropo to Cisco Spark

Post messages from a Tropo script to Cisco Spark spaces

15 min

Conferencing Outbound Calls

Using Conferencing to connect two (or more) outbound calls together

15 min

Create a Tropo Voice Machine

Learn how to create basic Tropo application.

15 min

Create a Voice Machine

Learn the basics of Tropo: create an application, get a phone number and build a Voice Machine.

20 min

Environment Setup for the DevNet Express Cloud Collaboration for IT Pros

Tutorial for installation of pre-requisites, tools and online accounts needed to complete the DevNet Express Cloud Collaboration learning track for IT Pros

35 min

Introduction to Tropo Development

Create your first Tropo application in 5 minutes, then try some other Tropo concepts

30 min

Mission: Create a Multilingual IVR App

Build a Tropo IVR solution that welcomes users, and prompts the caller to interactively change the spoken language via DTMF prompts

30 min

Mission: Create a Presence Signaling Service

Build an end-to-end Tropo Voice Machine that industry workers can call to signal they will be late or absent. An Operations team gets informed of the delayed arrivals via Cisco Spark space.