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Coding 201 - Parsing XML

20 min

Learn the basics of how to use parse XML results using Python.

Coding 202 - Parsing JSON

15 min

Learn the basics of how to use parse JSON results using Python.

Mantl: Deploying an application on Marathon

30 min

Learn the details of how to deploy an app into Mantl infrastructure.

Meraki: Build Your Own WiFi Hotspot

25 min

The purpose of this learning lab is to build a splash page with authentication

Microservices Overview

30 min

Learn about microservices, containers, and cloud native applications

OpenStack on Your Laptop

45 min

This learning lab walks you through the steps to install and start using OpenStack within a virtual machine (VM) on your laptop, or any other machine you are able to access and have permission to install software.

Shipped 1 - Using Shipped the First Time

10 min

Getting started with shipped for first time

Shipped 2 - Quick Start

20 min

Quick set up shipped

Shipped 3 - Import Existing Project to Shipped

20 min

Import existing Git Project in shipped

Shipped 4 - Bootstrap a Project Using Cisco Spark API

20 min

Bootstrap a project in Shipped