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Cisco Spark API 101

Discover the Cisco Spark API and its core principles. This module is not tied to a particular programming language: learnings labs leverage Cisco Spark interactive documentation and Postman. This module only assumes you know about REST APIs concepts, and you have already experienced Cisco Spark as a user.

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Introduction to Cisco Spark Apps

15 min

Overview of Cisco Spark extensibility, covering capabilities, use-cases, and types of Cisco Spark Apps (integrations and bots).

Creating Spark Rooms, Adding Participants and Posting Messages

30 min

Learn how to use the Spark API to create a new persistent chat room, add a participant by email address, and post a new message

Experiment Cisco Spark Webhooks

15 min

Create a Webhook that will subscribe to new messages, and drill into Webhooks events in real-time

Understanding the OAuth Flow of a Cisco Spark Integration

30 min

Learn how to register a new Cisco Spark Integration, and authenticate from a browser-based application