Creating Spark Rooms, Adding Participants and Posting Messages

Complete all three Spark API Learning Labs and we’ll update your DevNet profile with a Spark Early Adopter Badge, worth 250 points.


  • Use the Spark API to create a new persistent collaboration room
  • Add a participant to the Spark room
  • Post a new Message with an attached image to the Spark room


Cisco Spark is a cloud service providing persistent chat, room-based collaboration, WebRTC video conferencing, and more. Developers can easily integrate solutions with Spark via the Spark REST API - for example to add Spark messaging features to an app user interface, or to automate sending Spark messages to rooms based on business system or real-world events.

Screen Shot

Application developers integrating with Spark can easily bring messaging capabilities into their applications via a few basic REST requests. In this lab we will launch the Spark web client, then use the Google Chrome based REST test tool Postman to execute APIs for creating a new Spark room, adding a participant to the room, and posting a new test message with an attached image file.

Step 1: Sign up for Cisco Spark and take a tour

  1. From the Spark home page at enter your email address, and follow the instructions for creating a Spark account. Note: you will need to access your email account, as Spark will send a 'You have a Cisco Spark account' email message with a 'Create Password' verification link - this must be completed in order to login to Spark.

    Cisco Spark homepage (link)
  2. Log in to Spark and take a quick look around. Feel free to create a new room and invite a friend (note: they will need to complete the email verification step, too.)

  3. For more information on Spark features and benefits, check out