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The Business Value of Cloud Collaboration APIs

Learn about the value of Cisco’s Spark and Tropo cloud collaboration APIs, API features and capabilities, and typical solution architectures. Learn about key resources to move forward in the Cloud Collab API journey.

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Tour of Cisco Spark

15 min

Learn to create spaces, post messages and add participants, but also understand the concepts of 'Direct' and 'Group' spaces, teams and moderation.

Configure a Cisco Spark integration

10 min

Create an RSS Feed Integration with Cisco Spark Depot

Run Prebuilt Tropo Applications

10 min

Run Tropo demo applications from an end-user perspective. Explore the most popular deployments in a variety of industries.

Mission: Create a Spark/Tropo Business Use-Case

15 min

Imagine and describe a business use-case involving Cisco's cloud collaboration APIs, Spark and Tropo