Configure a Cisco Spark Integration

In this lab, we will configure an RSS Feed Integration to an exiting Spark room.


  • Configure an RSS Feed Integration into a Spark room.


To successfully complete this lab, you’ll need a Cisco Spark user account.

If you're not a Cisco Spark user yet, click to sign up.

Step 1. Create a Spark room

To configure an RSS Feed Integration we will need a Spark room. If you have a room which you would like to use, then you can skip this step and proceed to the next one.

Now open your favorite browser and navigate to Spark for Developers' Create a Room page. If you are not logged in, use Log In button in the upper right corner to authenticate. Enable Test Mode and give a name to your room by populating title under Request Parameters section.

Click Run button and receive 200 / success code which is a conformation that room was successfully created.