How To Setup Your Own Computer

Software Requirements

  • To work on this lab on your own machine, you must be compatible with Vagrant, and Virtual Box.
  • Shipped supports Mac OS X, Windows 7 or higher, and Ubuntu 13.04 or higher.
  • Shipped supports any modern browser, but Chrome gives the best experience.

Hardware Requirements

  • Total Memory: Minimum 4 GB, but 8 GB is better.
  • Available Storage: Minimum 20 GB free, but 50 GB of Disk Storage free is better.
Server Infrastructure Required

This lab can be completed if you have access to the server infrastructure in a private lab or if you are at an event such as Cisco Live!

Shipped 3 - Import Existing Project to Shipped

You can import an existing project and integrate it with Shipped. If you are starting your development and a new git project, you can fork the sample Go code using this link When your git repo is ready with the golang hellow-world source code, you can start importing to this repository.

Create a Dockerfile

  1. Select your git repo to integrate with Shipped.

    This example shows goproject, a project written in golang.

  1. Create a Dockerfile that is specific to the type of project.

    A Dockerfile is required to integrate your project with Shipped and its content depends on your project requirement.

    The following example shows a Dockerfile for Golang.

    #Base Image for Golang Project
    FROM golang:1.5
    #Port Number to expose from docker container to host server
    EXPOSE 8888
    #Working directory path where your code exists
    WORKDIR /go/src/app
    #Copy source from host machine to docker container
    COPY . /go/src/app
    #Adding permission to access .shipped folder
    RUN chmod a+x .shipped/build .shipped/run .shipped/test
    #provide your build/run commands
    RUN [".shipped/build"]
    CMD .shipped/run
  1. Add your Dockerfile to your existing repository.