How To Setup Your Own Computer

Software Requirements

  • To work on this lab on your own machine, you must be compatible with Vagrant, and Virtual Box.
  • Shipped supports Mac OS X, Windows 7 or higher, and Ubuntu 13.04 or higher.
  • Shipped supports any modern browser, but Chrome gives the best experience.

Hardware Requirements

  • Total Memory: Minimum 4 GB, but 8 GB is better.
  • Available Storage: Minimum 20 GB free, but 50 GB of Disk Storage free is better.
Server Infrastructure Required

This lab can be completed if you have access to the server infrastructure in a private lab or if you are at an event such as Cisco Live!

Shipped 2 - Quick Start

This lab walks you through to quickly create, build, and deploy your first Shipped project.


You can open these references in a separate tab and refer to them during this Lab.

Sign into Shipped / Create an Account on GitHub

You need a user account in Github. To create a new github account, go to GitHub, and register yourself. If you already have a Github account, you are ready to build and deploy your first project on Shipped.

Note: You can use Shipped with any modern browser. For optimal results, Chrome is recommended.

  1. Log in to Shipped UI.
    The Signup page open.

  2. Click Sign up with Github. Shipped checks Github for your credentials.

  3. Click Authorize application to allow Shipped to read your public data. You only need to do this the first time you use Shipped.
    You are redirected to the Create Your Project form.

    You are ready to compose your new project in Shipped.

Note: If you've already created a Shipped project, Shipped shows information about your project instead of the above form. You can continue working with that project or create a new project.