IoT Data Connect 301: Connect to a Freeboard dashboard

Complete this Learning Lab to visualize real-time data from assets (such as a Raspberry Pi) using dashboard application, such as the Freeboard web server.

In this lab, you will:

  • Set up a Freeboard web server if you don't already have one.
  • Install the IoT Data Connect plugin to your Freeboard server.
  • Connect the IoT Data Connect platform as a data source in Freeboard.


Completion Time: 20 minutes

  • Understand the data flow from devices through IoT Data Connect to applications like
  • Connect data from the IoT Data Connect data pipeline AMQP broker to a WebSocket


You must have an IoT Data Connect account with a connected device that outputs data in the MQTT protocol.

For example, complete the following learning labs:

Step 1: Add a user account for Freeboard application access

Create a new operator user account, which is used by the Freeboard dashboard to access IoT Data Connect device data. The account credentials will be visible in the Freeboard dashboard and should be different from your own account.

  1. Log in to your IoT Data Connect account at

  2. Add a new operator user to your organization.

    • The new user credentials should used for integrated applications only, such as the Freeboard dashboard.

    • Click Users > Add User to add a user.

    • Enter a username to identify the account purpose, such as Freeboard-MyOrg.

    • Enter an email address different from your current account.

    • Select the Operator role.

    • Click Save.

    Create user account

  3. Log out of your current IoT Data Connect account.

  4. Respond to the verification email for the new operator account and create a password.

    • Open the "Confirmation instructions" email from and click the activation link.

    • Enter a password and click Change my password. The password will be visible to others in the Freeboard dashboard, so use a unique password not used for other accounts.

    Activate your account