IoT Data Connect 101: Set up your account and first devices

Complete this lab to log in to IoT Data Connect, claim your gateway(s) and associate an asset with the gateway.


Completion Time: 30 minutes

  • Activate your user account
  • Connect a gateway to the IoT Data Connect platform
  • Connect an asset to the gateway


  • A Chrome web browser installed on your computer.
  • A Cisco IR809 or IR829 gateway. Write down the serial number, which is required to complete this lab.
  • An asset (such as a Raspberry Pi) connected to the gateway. The asset must send data using the MQTT protocol. See IoT Data Connect 201: Build a sample asset for instructions.
  • A network that supports DHCP and has connection to Internet. The network must also allow VPN IKE2 (UDP port 500).
  • Contact a Cisco IoT Data Connect Product Manager at to:
    • Create your user account.
    • Associate the gateway(s) you own with your account.

Step 1: Activate your user account

  1. Open the "Confirmation instructions" email from and click the activation link.

  2. Enter a password and click Change my password.

    Activate your account

  3. Open a Chrome web browser on your computer and go to

  4. Sign in using the email address and password for your account.

    Sign in