IoT Data Connect 102: Install a Fog application

Complete this learning lab to install a fog application on your Cisco gateway using the IoT Data Connect portal. This powerful feature allows you to manage and update fog applications on multiple gateways in geographically distributed locations.


Completion Time: 10 minutes

  • Upload a fog application to the IoT Data Connect platform.
  • Install the fog application on a gateway managed by the IoT Data Connect platform.


Step 1: Upload the fog application to IoT Data Connect

  1. Download your IOx app.
    For example, you can download the Raspberry Pi Sense Hat sample app.

  2. Click the Fog Applications tab and then click Add App.

    Add app

  3. Click Select App Package in the popup window or drag and drop a fog app file from your local drive.

  4. Click Import.

    Import app

  5. You will see your app added to the list of available applications.

    New app was added