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Phone Interactions With Tropo

Get your hands into the major Tropo features: create applications that send or respond to SMS, speak and ask the caller for more info, and transfer calls or start a conference. No prior knowledge of Javascript is necessary to take the tour. Note that several labs use country-specific features.

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Introduction to Tropo Development

35 min

Create your first Tropo application in 5 minutes, then try some other Tropo concepts

Provisioning Phone Numbers

15 min

Adding a phone number programmatically

Speaking Multiple Languages with Tropo

15 min

Using the Voice parameter to change Tropo's Text to Speech Language

Beginning SMS

15 min

Several SMS auto-responders

Basic Outbound Dialer with Tropo

15 min

Use Tropo to dial a list of numbers from a CSV file

Transfering and forwarding calls with Tropo

15 min

Transfer a Tropo call to a different number

Conferencing Outbound Calls

15 min

Using Conferencing to connect two (or more) outbound calls together