Basic Outbound Dialer with Tropo

In this Learning Lab, you'll create a basic dialer that will call multiple numbers using a comma-separated data, or CSV file.


Completion Time: 15 minutes

  • Make Tropo call a list of phone numbers stored in a CSV file


The CSV File

  1. Using the text editor of your choice, create a new CSV file in the following format:

  2. Save your file as 'dialerNumbers.csv'.

  3. From the Tropo dashboard, log into your account.
  4. Navigate to the MY FILES tab in the menu of the Tropo dashboard.

    This is the Tropo file manager, which you can use to host your resource files for free and access them directly from Tropo when you need to edit them.

    You can upload files using the Tropo file manager or you can use an FTP client. If you use an FTP client, set the host name to, use your Tropo dashboard username as the ftp username, and use your Tropo dashboard password as the ftp password.

  5. Click on the folder named www.

  6. Once inside, click on the folder icon labeled Create New Directory.
  7. Name this new directory 'Data' and click CREATE DIRECTORY.
  8. Open your new directory folder and click Upload file.
  9. Navigate to and select the file you created named dialerNumbers.csv. Click Open.
  10. Your file will be uploaded and visible inside of your directory.