Coding 101: REST API Basics

In this Learning Lab you will learn the basics of consuming a REST API, and how to use POSTMAN to explore a REST API.


Completion Time: 20 minutes

  • Understand the basics of consuming REST APIs
  • Learn how to use the POSTMAN REST Client to make API calls


In this lab, we are going to use POSTMAN which is a Google Chrome Browser application to make the REST API calls.

If you are on a DevNet Zone station, POSTMAN is already installed and can be launched either from the Google App Launcher or from Chrome by clicking here and hitting Launch App.

Access to an APIC-EM Controller

  • To run these code samples, you will need access to an APIC-EM controller.
  • If you are not using your own APIC-EM controller, you can use the Always-On APIC-EM Lab: . The login credentials for the always on sandbox are username: devnetuser and password: Cisco123! More on this later.

Step 1. Find the APIC-EM API Resources

We are going to use the APIC-EM API as an example of a REST API in this lab. So before we begin, we need to locate the APIC-EM resources on DevNet.

  1. In the browser navigate to DevNet
    • Click on the Login link located on the top right of the web page.

    • On the Log In web page enter your log in credentials (CCO ID) and click the Log In button
      • If you do not have a Cisco Connection Online ID (CCO ID) click the Register Now button and follow the instructions. When done return to the Log In web page and enter your credentials.

  2. Use the menu at the top to navigate directly to the APIC-EM developer resources.

    • Click on the Technologies link to access the Technology menu. Inside the menu click on Networking followed by APIC-EM

  3. You are now at the APIC-EM web portal. Open the API reference doc in a separate tab while you are working on this lab.