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DevNet Tracks provide you with a guided path to learn selected Cisco technologies. Based on DevNet Learning Labs, a track is made up of modules, which in turn are composed of learning labs. Some modules also focus on general knowledge in programming, networking, or other topics. Get started today!

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To get started with a track, just pick an area that you find interesting, such as network programmability, and then follow the pre-selected modules.

Learn about the building blocks of the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA), including an introduction to REST APIs, how to code in Python, and how to use programmability in the context of controllers and device-level interfaces.

Postman, REST, CMX, Spark, Networking, VIRL, Python, SDN, RESTCONF, NETCONF, YANG, APIC-EM, Mission, JSON, Coding, Network Programmability, DNA, DevNet, dCloud, AnyConnect

Welcome DevNet beginners! Each module will contain an overview, a glossary, use cases, explanation of the technology, and how to implement the technology. You'll also find information on how to extend your learning and where to find resources to receive assistance. Good luck!

Spark, Collaboration, JSON, REST, Python, Coding, Postman, DevNet Beginner, DevNet

Learn about network programmability from the perspective of a Network Engineer. Contains information about programming, REST APIs, as well as new interfaces like RESTCONF.

JSON, REST, Python, Coding, Sandbox, APIC-EM, Intermediate, Networking, SDN, IOS-XE, RESTCONF, NETCONF, NEXT UI, Postman

Learn about network programmability from the perspective of an Application Developer. Contains information about basic networking concepts in addition to interfaces like RESTCONF.

JSON, REST, Python, Coding, Sandbox, APIC-EM, Intermediate, Networking, SDN, IOS-XE, RESTCONF, NETCONF, Beginner

Learn to build engaging User Experiences with Cisco's Cloud Collaboration platform. These learning labs will take you from zero to creating applications that automate Cisco Spark, behave like interactive assistants or act on behalf of other users. If you prefer not to code, simply take a 3rd party Integration services lab. And don't miss the Tropo modules to start integrating Voice and SMS into your existing applications.

multilingual, Voice, TTS, Beginner, Javascript, Rest, Tropo, Collaboration, forward, transfer, Phone, Calls, Outbound, outbound, SMS, phones, REST, Dialer, conference, Intermediate, Zapier, Spark, Postman

Cloud Native applications are built to run on Cloud platforms, typically using a microservices architecture. You will be introduced to Cisco Shipped: a full container cloud native dev/test lifecycle platform. You will also be introduced to Mantl, an open source and extensible installer package of popular Cloud Native tools for cluster management, scheduling, and container deployment.

Beginner, Cloud native, Containers, Microservices, Cloud, Intermediate, Mantl, Shipped, Postgres, Git, CLI, Spark, Deployment

Get a step-by-step walkthrough on setting up your account, adding your first gateways and assets, and visualizing the data from your assets on a customizable dashboard.

IoT, Data Connect

Use this learning track to create and link network elements in ACI. You will learn the different APIC interfaces, create API requests, write simple Python scripts, and work with the Cobra SDK, Arya development tool, and ACI toolkit.

SDN, Data Center

Learn how to manage UCS Compute infrastructure with both UCS PowerTool and UCS Python SDK. Each module is an introduction to these two powerful UCS Compute tools that leverage the UCS XML API.

UCS, Python, Data Center, PowerTool, PowerShell

Learn how to Automate Data Center resources with UCS Director APIs. UCS Director's native REST API, custom tasks with integrated JavaScript, Open Automation SDK and PowerShell integration enable complete automation capabilities for the Data Center. Use the UCS Director REST APIs to automate everything from the provisioning of a server to the quick deployment of development environments and more.

Automation - UCS Director, UCS, REST, Data Center

The DevNet Data Learning Platform (DLP) consists of a set of the most common open source and commercial tools for data transformation, data visualization, and data processing for different types of workloads. Learn the basics of data development using the Data Learning Platform.

Learn how to automate and simplify network operations by using Python to implement the APIC-EM policy based controller REST APIs.

JSON, REST, Python, Coding, Sandbox, APIC-EM, Intermediate, Networking, SDN, NEXT UI, Postman

The Cisco Automation and Integration Platform enables organizations to expose, compose, and govern digital assets quickly and with simplicity to integrate and automate their business processes for both internal and partner use.

REST, APIs, RAML, Cisco Automation and Integration Platform, Analytics & Automation