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Cloud Collaboration

Learn to build engaging User Experiences with Cisco's Cloud Collaboration platform. These learning labs will take you from zero to creating applications that automate Cisco Spark, behave like interactive assistants or act on behalf of other users. If you prefer not to code, simply take a 3rd party Integration services lab. And don't miss the Tropo modules to start integrating Voice and SMS into your existing applications.

  • 5 Modules
  • 19 Learning Labs
  • 6 Hours

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Cisco Spark API 101

Discover the Cisco Spark API and its core principles. This module is not tied to a particular programming language: learnings labs leverage Cisco Spark interactive documentation and Postman. This module only assumes you know about REST APIs concepts, and you have already experienced Cisco Spark as a user.

2 Hours

Create Your Own Cisco Spark Apps

Can’t wait to create Bots and Integrations of your own? This module provides guidance in JavaScript, with ready-to-use examples. The concepts apply to other programming languages.

2 Hours

Extend Cisco Spark with 3rd Party Services

Learn to automate and extend Cisco Spark with no to little coding. Browse and pick a learning lab among proposed 3rd Party Integration Services.

1 Hours

Tropo 101

Discover how Tropo makes it easy to create phone interactions. These introductory labs cover Voice, SMS but also a Voice + SMS scenario. No prior knowledge of Javascript is required to take the tour.

1 Hours

Phone Interactions With Tropo

Get your hands into the major Tropo features: create applications that send or respond to SMS, speak and ask the caller for more info, and transfer calls or start a conference. No prior knowledge of Javascript is necessary to take the tour. Note that several labs use country-specific features.

3 Hours