Create a Voice Machine


Tropo is a cloud API that allows you to automate communications over the phone and SIP VoIP networks. Both voice and SMS are supported, and no telephony knowledge is needed. Tropo extends common web programming languages like Ruby, JavaScript, or PHP and adds telephony building blocks that any web developer can understand. Tropo is a fully hosted service (we'll even host your code), so there's no equipment or software to install. Pay-as-you-go pricing means there's no contracts or commitments, allowing you to pay only for what you use.

In this lab, you will learn the basics of how to use Tropo. You'll create a simple Tropo application, get a Tropo number in a country of your choice, and build a simple Voice Machine controlled by your code.


You’ll need:

  • some basic knowledge of JavaScript and REST,
  • a physical or soft phone to run this lab,
  • as well as a Tropo account.

To create an account, visit Tropo's registration page. Once registered, log in at

Step 1: Create a Tropo application

Go to and log in with your Tropo account.

Note: The upper right corner of the Tropo portal displays your full name and your Tropo Account Number in parenthesis. For example, 5051540. When times come to ask for activation, provide this account number to a Cisco mentor or Tropo support. For the purpose of this lab, we’ll stick to basic Tropo features which do not require any activation.

Click the Create New App button

For your new application, name it anything you would like. Note that - hyphens - are the sole special characters supported.

Choose Scripting API for the API type and then click New Script.

A popup with an embedded code editor shows up.

Type some basic HelloWorld code in the editor area, and give your script a filename of learning.js.

Note: The .js extensions is inferred by Tropo so that a JavaScript engine is used to run your script.

Click Save.

Leave the phone number area blank for now, as we will attach a phone number to our application in the next section.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Create App to save your changes:

  • the script is now registered on your private files directory on Tropo Hosting Platform,
  • and the page URL displays your application number, 5071662 in the snapshot below.