Outbound SMS Dialer


In this lab, you'll create a basic dialer that will send multiple SMS to a list of Mobile phone numbers read from a CSV file.


This lab assumes you’re familiar with Tropo Voice and SMS features, or have gone through the introductory lab “Create a Voice Machine”.

You’ll need a Tropo account that has been enabled for Outbound SMS to test the application.

  • If you’re attending a Cisco event, reach to your instructor to get activated.
  • If you’re running this lab offline, reach to Tropo support by email and ask for the procedure to activate your Tropo account.

Finally, you will need a mobile phone capable of placing a call and receiving SMS messages in order to test the Tropo functionality; alternatively you can use a softphone/service capable of receiving SMS messages, like Google Voice or Skype.

Step 1: Upload the CSV File

In this section, we’ll upload a CSV file to your private Tropo file manager.

On your local machine, create a new file named numbers.csv. Adapt the sample contents provided below with other lab participants phone numbers.


From the Tropo dashboard, log into your account.

Navigate to the MY FILES tab. This is the Tropo file manager: use it to host your resource files for free, and edit them directly from Tropo.

Note: You can either upload files using the Tropo file manager, or you can use an FTP client. If you use an FTP client, set the hostname to ftp.tropo.com, and use your Tropo dashboard credentials to login.

Select the folder named www, and click Create New Directory.

Name your directory data.

Open your new folder and click Upload file.

Select the numbers.csv file you've just created.