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DevNet Beginner

Welcome DevNet beginners! Each module will contain an overview, a glossary, use cases, explanation of the technology, and how to implement the technology. You'll also find information on how to extend your learning and where to find resources to receive assistance. Good luck!


  • 4 Modules
  • 12 Learning Labs
  • 5 Hours

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Overview & DevNet Resources Beginner


A quick overview of the DevNet Beginner track, how to join DevNet, and how to access useful resources.

1 Hours

Intro to Coding Fundamentals & REST APIs

Get started with coding basics, an intro to REST APIs and common developer tools.

3 Hours

Spark APIs for Beginners


An introduction to programming APIs, working with Cisco Spark.

2 Hours

Network Programmability

Learn about the fundamentals of Network Programmability and it's corresponding technologies.

1 Hours